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R&DWorks webinars are invaluable opportunities to catch up with the latest research results and best practice processes. On this page you’ll find links to recorded presentations.

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  • Solid Timber Floor installation

    Wednesday 20th August 11.00 am - 12 noon AEST Solid Timber Floor Installation

    There are there important steps when laying a solid timber floor.

    • Know your products
    • Know your  installation environment
    • Lay accordingly

    It sounds simple but for those who don’t understand this, things can go terribly wrong.

    During this webinar we will take you through the WoodSolutions, Timber Flooring – Design guide for installation. Understand this and you are on the road to consistently successful floor installations. This design guide is also to be updated so you will also hear of some the upcoming changes.

    David Hayward is an engineer who has worked in the timber and timber flooring industries for more than 25 years. As technical manager for the Australian Timber Flooring Association, David is involved with research work, training and promotion of sound flooring practice through the development of various technical publications.

    David also assists manufacturers with quality assurance and sits on the Australian Standards Committees that deal with the manufacture of solid timber flooring. 

    He is frequently called upon to inspect and report on flooring performance issues which at times has taken him throughout Australia and overseas. 

    David is valued throughout the industry for his knowledge in timber flooring and his willingness to share this with others.



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  • Adaptation strategies to manage risk in Australia’s plantations Webinar

    FWPA Webinar

    Tuesday 5th August 11:30-1:30

    Presented by Libby Pinkard, Jody Bruce, David Drew and Stuart Matthews

    Recent decades have seen an increase in the incidence and severity of droughts, catastrophic fires, heatwaves and intense storms, as well as a trend towards warmer mean temperatures and reduced precipitation over much of the temperate plantation estate. Such changes in climate also affect pest distribution and abundance, and fire hazard.

    The objective of this project was to provide plantation managers with tools for assessing the risks and impacts of climate variability, on productivity and wood properties, and for making decisions about cost-effective management options to moderate the effects of climatic variability and change.  

    The key elements to the project will be presented via a series of half –hour presentations with opportunities for discussion provided.

    11.30 Introduction to the project (Libby Pinkard)

    View PowerPoint here

    11.45 Climate change impacts on stand production and survival, and adaptation strategies to build resilience (Jody Bruce)

    View PowerPoint here

    (Joint presentation with intro)

    12.15 Climate change impacts on wood properties (David Drew)

    View PowerPoint here

    12.35 Fire hazard and climate change adaptation strategies (Stuart Matthews)

    View PowerPoint here

    12.55 Pest hazard and climate change and adaptation strategies (Libby Pinkard)

    View PowerPoint here

    13.15 Discussion

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