Building Standards and Codes - Optimising Material

Building Standards and Codes - Optimising Material

22nd November 2016

Coordination of Timber Standards and Codes for the Forest and Wood Products Sector

The strategy of this activity is to increase the use of wood-based products through the efficient and effective development and/or maintenance of key standards, codes and handbooks that are developed through a consensus-based process. These documents may have the authority of an Australian or international standard (if required) or any other format to deliver the appropriate industry outcome.

The strategy has four main parts:

  • An analysis of what existing (and/or new) standards, codes, and handbooks are important to current or new sales of wood-based products.
  • Consultation and engagement with FWPA members, levy payers and stakeholders to help better understand their needs, prioritise future activities, and improve industry understanding of the role of standards and the standards development process.
  • Cost-effective and efficient development and maintenance of consensus-based standards, codes and handbooks through Standards Australia or other pathways, where appropriate.
  • Uptake and adoption of standards, codes and handbooks by wood-based suppliers, customers, specifiers and regulators in a timely manner.

The work being undertaken is aimed at keeping abreast of changes to codes and standards that may affect the use of wood-based products as well as increasing the use of industry’s products.

As part of this program, FWPA has established two groups consisting of FWPA members, levy payers and stakeholders. The Standards Reference Group of industry experts provides strategic guidance and direction in the development of Standards. Standards Industry Network has a wider representation and is available for anyone interested in the industry’s Standards.

If you would like to be informed of FWPA standards and codes related activities please send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. requesting membership of FWPA’s Standards Industry Network.

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