Technology and Innovation

Technology and Innovation

22nd November 2016

Technology and innovation have been significant factors in increasing the availability of resources and reducing risk throughout the supply chain. FWPA has, and through this program, will continue to be involved in recognizing innovation and developing appropriate technologies for our industry.

Improved genetics for existing and potential commercial species remains one of the key strategies to increasing resources and reducing risks. FWPA has consistently supported improved genetics and deployment and this will remain an ongoing priority.

The FWPA Board has supported a large, multi-year genetics program through matching of voluntary contributions from the major forest growers. In addition, there is ongoing research into the genetic conservation and utilisation of radiata pine germplasm and marker-assisted selection in Australia’s major plantation eucalypts.

Remote sensing technologies are evolving quickly and offer increased accuracy of resource information at lower costs. Research is ongoing in the deployment and integration of remote sensing data and in the use of dense point cloud data for plantation inventory.

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Forest and Wood Products Australia Limited (FWPA), a not-for-profit company, is the forestry and wood industry’s service provider, investing in research and development, and providing research results to the forest and wood products industry in Australia. FWPA aims to improve the competitiveness and sustainability of the Australian forest and wood products industry through innovation, and investment in effective and relevant R&D.

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