Wood. Naturally Better.™

Wood. Naturally Better.™

Wood. Naturally Better.™

Wood. Naturally Better.™ is an industry initiative designed to promote the many benefits of wood. The campaign has consisted of television (in conjunction with Planet Ark's Environmental Edge series of TV ads), catch up TV, on line videos, print and online advertising and promotional activities supported by a website.  The Wood. Naturally Better.™ campaign has achieved levels of advertising awareness that exceed benchmarks set by similar campaigns.

Free Wood. Naturally Better.™ program partner membership is available to industry members wishing to participate. Details are available here. [LINK TO http://www.naturallybetter.com.au/partners/partner-program.html]

Visit the Wood. Naturally Better.™ website at www.naturallybetter.com.au

Wood - the material Australians love

As a material, wood occupies a unique place in Australian lives and markets. It is familiar to every person of every age and is ubiquitous, providing form, function, fuel and more. Wood is so prevalent that, paradoxically, it is often unnoticed.

Unifying a fragmented industry

The Australian forest and wood products industry is historically segmented and diverse. From forest growers and saw millers to importers, merchants and manufacturers, the industry is a major employer with approximately 70,500 people and an annual turnover of $20.1 billion (ABARES 2015, Australia’s forests at a glance 2015: with data to 2013–14).

Researching people's attitudes to wood

Consumer research (both qualitative tracking and quantitative) has informed the planning and ongoing development of Wood. Naturally Better.™

Wood. Naturally Better.™ Sponsorships and Promotions

To broaden the reach of the Wood. Naturally Better.™ message, targeted sponsorships and promotions are used to involve and inform specific audiences.

Wood. Naturally Better.™ and Planet Ark's Make it Wood

Wood. Naturally Better.™ is the major supporter  of Planet Ark's Make it Wood campaign. Consumer research indicates that Planet Ark is one of Australia's better known and highly regarded environmental organisations with an aided awareness of more than 80%.

About Us

Forest and Wood Products Australia Limited (FWPA), a not-for-profit company, is the forestry and wood industry’s service provider, investing in research and development, and providing research results to the forest and wood products industry in Australia. FWPA aims to improve the competitiveness and sustainability of the Australian forest and wood products industry through innovation, and investment in effective and relevant R&D.

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