Information for Researchers

Information for Researchers

Every year, FWPA supports a wide range of new and ongoing projects. A structured approach is used to determine the nature of projects and the level of funding allocated.

Instructions for funding applicants

The project application process begins with the Project Application form. Guidelines for information being sought under the various headings in the form are hyperlinked to the guidelines part of the Project Application form at Attachment 1. You can download the form further down this page.

Range of project areas

The Project Application form is to be used for all project applications and primarily for those with interest in identified FWPA research priority areas (see the R&D themes and investment priorities table).

Level of completion required

For new project proposals and submissions in response to Research Opportunity Announcements (ROA) all Parts of the Project Application form are to be completed.

Assessment of proposals

An invitation to submit a full application does not guarantee that it will be recommended for funding. Where appropriate, applications will be refereed externally and assessed competitively by FWPA.

Preference will be given to proposals that demonstrate value for money through leveraging, and industry/stakeholder engagement. Please note that FWPA has a preference for projects that can demonstrate strong support from industry and/or other R&D funders in the form of cash, in-kind contribution or a combination of both.

Preference will be given to proposals that maximise the utilisation of skills, capacities and expertise of the scientific, general community and the industry through effective collaboration or joint ventures.

Downloads for FWPA research proposals

Please click on the following links to download the Project Application form with Guidelines in MS Word or PDF format. (Note that the PDF version is only suitable for printing).

Project Application Form

Project Application Form - DOC (253KB)
Project Application Form - PDF (41KB)

Project Milestone Reports

(To be used for contracted projects)


Milestone Report Template - DOC (247KB)
Milestone Report Template - PDF (60KB)

Template for Research Reports

Research Report Template - DOC (127KB)

Audited Final Financial Report

Audited Final Financial Report (AFFR) - DOC (163KB)

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