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R&DWorks webinars are invaluable opportunities to catch up with the latest research results and best practice processes. On this page you’ll find links to recorded presentations.

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  • Costs and benefits of forest biosecurity

    Wednesday 6 September, Presented by Dr Angus Carnegie, NSW Department of Primary Industries

    This talk is one of a series arising from a recent FWPA funded study that has attempted to quantify the costs and benefits of forest biosecurity using case-studies (PNC362-1415). 

    Australia’s forest and wood products industry faces a significant chall... Read More


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This research reports the results from the first year of ongoing research into the natural above-ground durability of plantation grown African mahogany  (Khaya senegalensis). The study is through the Queensland Government’s Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry

Samples of timber from 10- and 20-year old trees are being tested in two test sites, one a fungal cellar laboratory and the other a field site in north Queensland in a region known to present a very high decay hazard. 

The African mahogany samples are also being compared with control samples from spotted gum (Corymbia citriodora) durability class 1, jarrah (Eucalyptus marginate) durability class 2, messmate (Eucalyptus oblique) durability class 3 and slash pine (Pinus elliottii) durability class 4.

After one year the African mahogany samples are showing minimal decay, and it is not yet possible to determine if they are is consistent with durability class 3 or durability class 2 timbers above ground. In addition, no termite attack was observed; however, more time is required before reliable conclusions can be drawn.

Future results from the trial will provide valuable data about African mahogany durability, and potentially lead to the development of new processes and products that will grow the market for the timber.

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