About FWPA

About FWPA

Forest and Wood Products Australia Limited (FWPA) is a not-for-profit company that provides national, integrated research and development services to the Australian forest and wood products industry.

We are committed to helping the forest and wood products industry to be collaborative, innovative, sustainable and competitive against other industries and products available in the marketplace.

Supporting Innovation and Sustainability

We support research and development that promotes internationally competitive and environmentally sustainable practices. We promote activities that enhance employment opportunities and contribute to growing Australia’s reputation as an innovative producer of high-quality forest and wood products.

Directed by Our Members and Constitution

Our mandate is determined by our members, who comprise wood processors, forest growers, and Australian importers of forest products. We operate within the rules and laws set by our Constitution, the Corporations Act of 2001 (Cth), and a Statutory Funding Agreement (SFA) with the Australian Government. We have a Board of eight Directors and our head office is in Melbourne.

Our Vision

That forest and wood products are the preferred, sustainable material that meets the market needs.

Our Mission

To work with stakeholders to identify and deliver collaborative programs that improve the competitiveness, and market and community acceptance, of forest and wood products.

Membership Benefits

All timber industry government levy payers are entitled to free membership of Forest and Wood Products Australia, which works to grow our industry through research & development, market development and information services.

Membership benefits include:

  • Free listing on our WoodSolutions website as a supplier; the supplier page is viewed by potential customers more than 100,000 times a year and is searchable by location, materials, products and more.
  • Full use of our online library of over 10,000 quality images that members can use free of charge to add to their websites, brochures, presentations and reports etc.
  • Free professional development via the WoodSolutions Campus, our newly launched online educational platform developed with the University of Tasmania.
  • Free benchmarking information via our Industry Data Dashboard, which provides aggregated industry statistics – using both proprietary and public domain data.
  • The right to vote, stand for office and have a say on the future of our industry.

Members and non-members alike can benefit from the other resources we provide, including the world-leading WoodSolutions website which has more than 3,000 pages of information including downloadable resources and technical publications, as well as professional seminars and other events. 



FWPA Newsletters

FWPA publishes the industry newsletters, R&DWorks and ForWood. In addition, we have the WoodSolutions newsletter addressing design and build specifiers – architects, building designers, engineers and others involved in specifying the choice of building materials, as well as the Wood.Naturally Better. ™ Partner Update. ForestLearning is FWPA’s quarterly newsletter that provides information on Australian forests and forest-based products to teachers and educators, school children and the public.


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