Consumer campaign hits the spot

Consumer campaign hits the spot

FWPA’s June TV campaign performed extremely well, over-delivering on planned target audience rating points (TARPs) across all markets, by up to 88%.  The campaign was particularly well received by viewers of programs such as House Rules, The Voice and Seven News.

The online video campaign on Premium Video and Catch Up TV generated more than one million impressions, while YouTube delivered almost 200,000 views.

Our consumer tracking data also delivered positive results.

The ‘Workplace’ advertisement has really resonated. Not only did it achieve impressive recall but appears to have sparked intrigue and influenced peoples’ attitudes towards wood: 

  • 17% of Australians recalled seeing advertising for wood recently (up from 5% pre-campaign)
  • 11% recalled seeing or reading articles/online content about wood (up from 4%)
  • 15% recalled seeing the Framing and Home television commercials (TVCs)
  • 17% recalled the Workplace TVC after only a few months in the market.

There were significant increases for several advertising diagnostic statements, including:

  • ‘It told me something new about wood’ (70%) (+13).
  • ‘Wood became more appealing to me’ (65%) (+14).
  • ‘It would encourage me to recommend others to use wood products’ (65%) (+15).
  • ‘The points made were relevant to me’ (65%) (+11).
  • ‘It would encourage me to go online and find out more’ (48%) (+12).

The vast majority (89%) recalled seeing the ad on TV and almost two-thirds (64%) said they’d be likely to use wood after seeing the advertising (+15).