Listen In – Katerra looks at disrupting construction

Listen In – Katerra looks at disrupting construction

WoodSolutions launches season two of its TimberTalks podcast, with US start-up Katerra’s CEO discussing the need for disruption in the building industry.

The multi-trillion-dollar global construction industry is ready for change, and with both a national and worldwide housing shortage, it cannot come soon enough. 

Timber Talks host Adam Jones spoke to Katerra’s CEO and co-founder Michael Marks, who has been named amongst the top 10 CEOs of all time within Silicon Valley and previously grew Flextronics revenue from $93 million USD to $16 billion USD, as well as holding a previous role as an interim CEO of Tesla.

Construction companies typically invest less than 1% of revenue into new technologies – lower than any other major industry.

Katerra is setting up a global supply chain, utilising factories and prefabrication to create an entirely new construction process with a quantum leap in efficiency.

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