Explore opportunities and obligations for sustainability reporting with upcoming webinar series

Explore opportunities and obligations for sustainability reporting with upcoming webinar series

Key national and international experts will look at mechanisms for reporting on the sector’s environmental credentials during a forthcoming series of FWPA webinars.

Stakeholders from across the supply chain are being urged to participate in the interactive sessions, and consider the different approaches to individual company sustainability reporting.

Following this, participants will be invited to join a collaborative online workshop to discuss opportunities for regional or sector-wide collaboration on reporting, as well as possible goal setting.

“Individual companies are under increased obligations from regulators, investors and global supply chains to report on a wide range of sustainability issues such as carbon emissions, pollutants, gender diversity and anti-modern slavery,” said Ric Sinclair, Managing Director at FWPA.

“Beyond individual company reporting, there may be opportunities for collaboration at a regional, state or national level, to create common data collection templates, develop a system for data aggregation, or set common targets.”

Through this series of webinars, FWPA hopes to increase awareness of the different approaches to sustainability measurement, as well as current obligations and trends. This may lead the industry to work together on the development of a common approach to sustainability reporting, and potential targets.

“Some organisations in the sector already publish their own sustainability reports at a company, state or industry level. However, there are significant gaps and it is difficult to aggregate these reports into an overall positive story about the sector and its commitment to sustainability,” said Sinclair.

The webinars will cover a range of sustainability-focused topics including global programs and practical tools, what banks and investors want to know about the industry before making a financial commitment, natural capital accounting, and how other sectors are approaching similar challenges.

The first webinar will focus on global movements and frameworks, and is scheduled to take place at 4pm on Wednesday 21 April. It will feature Angela Graham-Brown of the World Business Council for Sustainable Development, and Andrew Petersen of the Business Council for Sustainable Development Australia. 

The presenters will outline the global sustainability agenda, and the challenges and opportunities this presents for the forestry sector. Also included will be a brief presentation on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, and the Forest Sector Roadmap.

Other sessions will cover the following topics:

  • ESG: What is driving investors and the finance sector?
  • What are other sectors doing in sustainability?
  • Natural capital accounting
  • Reporting on social and environmental performance – update on Federal reporting requirements and trends

Once the webinar series has been completed, FWPA will convene a workshop to determine if, where and when opportunities exist for collaborative activity. 

Details of registration to come. Look out for the event listing on the FWPA Event Calendar or join our mailing list here.