Timber Queensland Seminar

Timber Queensland Seminar "Glulam Timber: Long, Strong & Reliable"

Event Type: Seminar
Date: Tuesday 19 November 2019
Location: Ballroom, Victoria Park Golf Club, Herston Road, Herston.

Event Description

Glulam timber products can help designers’ dreams come true. Structures can be designed in a variety of shapes and sizes – the length and shape of glulam sections can span the gaps that traditional beams can’t, and is limited only by manufacturing, transport and handling capabilities.

Event Program

Timber Queensland's seminar Glulam Timber: Long, Strong & Reliable is an opportunity for delegates to hear engineering, architecture and certification experts give practical advice for using glulam to deliver impressive, cost effective, and structurally sound projects.

This half day seminar is a must attend for developers and building and design professionals who want to orient their building practices towards the future and learn how to think differently about new construction methods. 

  • HEAR about glulam in practice and installation considerations
  • DISCOVER how to work with suppliers to achieve a harmonious vision
  • UNDERSTAND third party testing processes for new engineered glulam products
  • LEARN about designing glulam connections for fire performance
  • EXAMINE what certifiers are looking for to ensure glulam solutions are Deemed to Satisfy under relevant construction codes
  • SEE examples of Australian glulam bridges.