Statistics Count Newsletter

Statistics Count Newsletter

To further improve the security of the system FWPA is undertaking a system upgrade which will result in the encryption of the individual company data. This project is being led by Professor Xi, RMIT who is a leading expert in data encryption. This will mean in the event an outside party was to access the system the underlying confidential data would remain unreadable.

FWPA’s industry data dashboard and Statistics Count newsletter gives industry access to proprietary and public domain data sets in easily accessible locations.

Through the data dashboard, industry now has access to proprietary and public domain data sets in one easily accessible location. The data sets track detailed information at international, national and domestic level.

Statistics Count is a monthly e-newsletter that provides FWPA members and associate members with a quick summary of key data hosted on the data dashboard. It also provides links to key data sets and coverage of articles of relevance from industry commentators.

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