About Ep 19 - Ensuring forestry continues to work in harmony with threatened Tasmanian species

The latest episode of our WoodChat podcast series takes a look at a new research project that is monitoring the impact of forestry activities on a number of iconic at-risk Tasmanian species, such as wedge-tailed eagles, masked owls, giant freshwater crayfish and Tasmanian devils.


During the episode, the hosts speak to Dr Amy Koch, Biodiversity Research Manager at the Forest Practices Authority (FPA) which is leading the initiative.


Results will be used to improve understanding of the effectiveness of current protocols that guide forest management practices where these species are known to be found. This knowledge will help determine whether new or adapted approaches could better protect animals, and minimise the impact on forestry operations.


“It’s hoped greater knowledge about the species’ habits will allow for the development of more finely-tuned, species-specific management practices that will benefit wildlife and foresters at the same time,” Koch explained.