Who has funded this Challenge?

This project has been funded by the Australian Government, through the ‘National Forest Industries Plan’, and will contribute to achieving the objectives of ‘Using our forest resources smarter’ and ‘Growing community understanding of forestry’.

Other benefits of the prize

Within the Australian forest industry, there are high volumes of ‘lower value’ fibre that has the potential to be converted to high value products. By attracting researchers from different backgrounds, we aim to increase the diversity of ideas and ways to use this product that we hope will provide new ideas and outcomes for high value uses of this fibre.

Who will receive the funding?

Your University will receive the funding and it will be used to fund the project costs. Wages or labour costs cannot be paid using this grant funding.

If you’re a finalist you will be required to submit an invoice to the FWPA for the requested amount in July and enter into an agreement with FWPA, which outlines the Terms and Conditions of the funding.

What happens if my product test fails?

Product failure can be an important part of the learning process and outlining what happened in your video will help others learn more about what works and importantly what doesn’t.

The judges are highly skilled forestry and business executives who bring a diverse mix of experience within the fields of product development, marketing, innovation and wood products.