Developing high-mass laminated flooring products from fibre-managed plantation hardwood

Developing high-mass laminated flooring products from fibre-managed plantation hardwood

This project aimed to develop commodity-based high-mass laminated timber building components using fibre-managed plantation hardwood, aiming to diversify plantation hardwood product range through developing new products for the construction sector.

The study explored the structural performance of nail laminated (NLT) and glue laminated (GLT) commodity-based high mass timber floor products assembled from pulp-managed plantation Eucalyptus nitens and E. globulus. The target market for these products is the upper floors in residential housing and small to medium scale commercial projects. The hardwood resources used in this project were 15 years old E. nitens and 26 years old E. globulus.

The seasoned timber boards were nail or glue laminated to form floor panels. Bending tests were conducted to determine the MOE and MOR of the single boards and the laminated panels. Test results revealed that although the wood has a F7 performance if used in a scantling product limited by MOR, the overall structural performance of the species was improved when the wood was used as laminated panels through nail or glue lamination method. The E. nitens and E. globulus panels could be classified as F8 and F11 respectively. The structural performance of the wood was further enhanced by forming timber-concrete composite panels. The composite panels showed structural properties equivalent to timber boards with a F14 performance.

The results proved that the current eucalypt plantations targeted at pulpwood production can be used as laminated floor panels to provide additional options in the building sector.

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