Validated softwood stiffness predictions using  IML-Resistograph and eCambium (VNB459-1718)

Validated softwood stiffness predictions using IML-Resistograph and eCambium (VNB459-1718)

This project utilised the IML-RESI, a tool that works by using small-diameter drill technology, to quickly and cost effectively capture details of a tree’s wood variability and quality. The recorded data (also known as ‘traces’) get uploaded to a specially-developed online wood-quality assessment platform, where it’s processed and interpreted to estimate average density and stiffness across the stand. The FWPA-supported research was led by Dr Geoff Downes of Forest Quality. 

The technology also has advantages in aiding grower decision making around which sites and silvicultural practices will impact the stiffness and volume of their timber. This knowledge will allow growers to plan for improved wood quality in their stands, meaning increased value for processors.

To keep the channels of communication open between industry and the researchers, a regular Zoom meeting has been scheduled for IML-RESI users, who will be given opportunities to discuss any issues experienced during use and application, share ideas on operationalising the technology.

The online wood quality assessment platform can be accessed by clicking here.

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