The Prize

The Prize


The 2020 National University Wood Challenge is looking to support teams of students and academics to come up with new ideas of how we can use wood in innovative ways.

The prize will provide support to up to four small teams to bring their innovative, novel or untested ideas for new products to life, through the; building of a prototype, creating or testing their ideas using Australian wood fibre.

The project applications will be assessed by a panel of judges who will award up to four University teams as finalists in the Challenge.  The finalists will be awarded with;

·         A $20 000 prize to create, build or test your idea and to create a 2 min video of your idea and journey as a finalist.

·         The opportunity to showcase your video to the forest industry at the Australian Forest Products Association (AFPA) 2020 Winter dinner in June 2020.

In June, the efforts of the finalists will be judged and an overall winner will be awarded the 2020 National University Wood Challenge Award and $10 000 to continue to develop their product.

Your team

The prize is a ‘team’ award, and each team must be affiliated with an Australian University in Australia. 

Each team must have at least one member of the University’s Academic staff and at least one student (PhD candidates are considered students).

Teams can have up to five people. Teams must be from the same University.

There is no limit to the number of submissions per University and academics and students can be part of more than one team.